"Manly" window treatments

My husband has been gone so long on this deployment it kinda feels like a man never even lived here. Especially because I’ve been adding so many floral things lately. So in honor of him coming home for leave in 3 weeks and 3 days (not that I’m counting), I decided to add a more masculine design to our dining room window treatments.

I wanted the project to be as simple as possible, including the number of stores it took to purchase the materials. So off I went to home depot where I got everything I needed. 10 L brackets, the wood, dark walnut stain, rope, and canvas drop cloths.

My kids LOVED it because they got to help a lot with this project. I cut pine 1×8’s and gave them each a hammer and a baseball bat. They spent tons of energy beating up the wood so it would look more distressed before I stained them with dark walnut stain. The fabric is one canvas painters drop cloths cut in half and stapled on the back of the wood. I wanted it to be just long enough to cover the blinds when they’re pulled up but not block out too much light.

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