Super Dad.

I just got back from Texas. I have to say, I was really surprised by how well my husband handled the kids and house while I was gone. Not only did he manage to steer clear of the ER, but he also cleaned my house from top to bottom including laundry, worked on an eagle project for one of his scouts, made a pinewood derby car for my nephew, went to church and tons of meetings associated with his calling, AND drum roll please….. this is what I found in my bedroom when I got home.

I have to paint it still but it’s great right!?! I had casually mentioned to him before I left about how I would really love a sliding barn door for our closet because the door opened over our light switch. DUMB. My kids were always shutting me in the closet and turning off the light. And guess how much he spent TOTAL for the project? When I had been pricing them out online for just the track at $200 to $500, he did it for a mere $70. Including the wood. What a stud right? Hopefully I can get him in here to do a tutorial for you guys.

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