Same frame, two ways

I cut out some frames out of scrap wood in my garage the other day. They both started out with a plain square piece of wood with a square hole cut out of the middle like this…

For one of them, I covered the wood with cut out strips of galvanized metal found in the roofing section at Home Depot. I just measured, cut the metal with heavy duty scissors also found at home depot, and then nailed it on.

I left it outside and sprayed a little water on it for a couple days so it would rust up a bit. It was kind of hard to cut out the metal straight but I figured it out in the end.

The second one, I just added some extra molding I had to the middle and painted a chevron print on it in black and white paint.

I sanded the crap out of it and wiped it down with my favorite stain, Provincial from Minwax.

I’m still getting ready for the barn sale and am getting super excited. I have tons of furniture, accessories, and a bed. I’ll post pics in a couple days of some of the inventory.

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