A quick craft

I did a super easy and quick craft the other day using things from around my house. I’d been needing a place to store my jewelry away from sly 2 year old fingers for a while and came up with a mathematical solution to my problem.

Old window + Burlap + Antique knobs + Chicken wire + Drywall tub = Really cute and functional.

I should have done this before. It’s like inventing a casserole. Throw in all your favorite things and bake. I threw in all my favorite things and drilled.

It would be really great for a mail/ office organizer too. I wonder if you backed it with a piece of metal and covered it in burlap, if it would still be magnetic enough to hang papers and stuff up. Any of you tried that before?

* I just put a piece of burlap with a paper over the top of it on my fridge with a magnet and it worked. To quote Sid the Science Kid, “My hypothesis was correct”.*

 Man, I need to get out more.

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