Painting Fabric

I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone on this post. I’m entering the January DIYclub project competition and giving a better tutorial for my 2 vintage grain sack inspired projects. These are the images I was attempting to copy

The bench is from Pottery Barn and the bedding is from Restoration Hardware

This first time I used fabric meduim, I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical. Every time I had painted fabric before, it dried hard and I hated it. I heard medium softened the paint and made it washable and also gave it a nice vintage look.

It did both for me. I wonder if I could buy this stuff by the gallon…

I started by taping off the stripes I wanted on the fabric. I used blue painters tape for the bench and then found out that white masking tape works a little better on fabric when I did the bedding. Then in a cup, I mixed black paint with the medium and painted over the stripes.

*WARNING! The paint will bleed through the fabric onto whatever surface you’re crafting on. In this case, my kitchen island. But don’t worry, it wipes right up with a damp washcloth!*

Then you peel off the tape and your stripes look perfect! Wait until it’s dry and wash it a couple times. It softens it just enough to look like a pattern in the fabric. I stapled it onto a bench I had and it looks JUST like the one from Pottery Barn.

I did the boy’s bedding project virtually the same way but used a yard stick to keep the stripes evenly spaced since there was 2 instead of just one.

Instead of black, I mixed the color Dove Grey with the medium for the bedding. It turned out a little bluer than I expected but it matched the blue duvet underneath better that way.

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