My union jack rug

I debated about how I was going to do my rug for a while. Should I buy a nice plain rug from ikea and paint it? Should I try and find it used and get it for cheaper than the site? Should I just man up and buy it new from Z Gallerie?

So instead I decided to go to Home Depot and practice my painting skills on something a little cheaper than a rug from ikea. A $10 drop cloth. I’ve seen people painting drop cloths all over blog land. I even painted a pillow myself a while back here. But I never got up the nerve to do an entire rug.

The day finally came and I actually really love it. So much, in fact, that I don’t think I’m going to do it on a rug, I’ll just use this drop cloth.

I used the lines that were already in the cloth from the folds to guide me. It was a really easy project and it’ll be even easier for you if you learn from my mistakes which are…

1. Don’t use a paint brush to paint it on. A roller covered it 10 times faster but I didn’t realize this until I was half way done.

2. Makes sure your tape is on really good or it will bleed through the tape lines.

3. It WILL go through the fabric. I have a beautiful new union jack flag painted on my garage floor courtesy of my stupidity.

I wanted the paint colors to be similar but still contrasting. I got a paint sample called porpoise and used the driftwood gray color from my bedroom.

It took about a day to dry all the way. I’ll let you know how it holds up to crayons, crackers, and cooties.

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