Love letter art

This was one of the projects I finished last week but didn’t post it on time. Shocker.

Have I mentioned how amazing my husband is? And it’s not the absence that has made me fond of him. He’s funny, charming, tall, dark and ruggedly handsome. He’s smart, speaks 3 languages, is a mechanical engineer, and flies blackhawks for the army. Don’t ask why he chose me, because I have no idea. It must have been the buttermilk fried chicken I made for him that coincidentally, my mother also used to woo my father with.

Anyways, my husband sent me a love letter in Portuguese the other day. I am not as amazing as him in the language department The only one I speak is English and some days it barely qualifies. So I printed out his letter onto vinyl, painted some canvases black and spent the remainder of the night trying to get the letters to stick to the canvas. Which those of you that have tried already know, didn’t work very well. A pair of tweezers and some spray lacquer later and I had personalized art.

Now every time I look at it, I’ll be reminded that there is someone out there who is probably way too good for me, but loves me anyways.

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