Katie corner

Sometimes I tell my kids to go to Katie corner. This usually happens after one of them dumped out the shampoo I just bought all over the floor in the bathroom and the other one locked me in the chicken coop. I have to separate them during time out or they think of punishment as a mandatory party. One of the time out zones is right here….
The reason why I call this one Katie corner is because my best friend Katie Marie bought me those wreaths last year for Christmas. And the reclaimed frames are made from salvaged wood I got on our trip to Savannah this past year. And because when I go to get them from time out, I am reminded that somebody, somewhere, loves me even if my children aren’t acting like it at that particular moment.

If you lust after these wreaths, Ballard Designs still have them for sale. You can find them here.

Thanks again for the present Katie, I don’t know how you’re going to top it this year. Oh, here’s an idea! Just kidding. Kinda.

Also, if you think that my sweet, beautiful children couldn’t be capable of such destruction, feast your eyes on what an entire box of Nesquick looks like after the kids find it’s super secret hiding spot…

I love the heck out of these little turds.

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