Jones Design Company copied pillow tutorial

I’ve been following a blog, Jones Design Company pretty religiously for a while now. She did this amazing painted wallpaper tutorial a while back and I’d been wanting to try it. I want to paint it onto a thick drop cloth and use it as a rug. But to test my theory first, I tried it for a pillow. I’m VERY happy with the results and can’t thank Emily enough for doing the hard part for me.

Here’s a run down of how I did my project. First off, go here and at the end of the posting Emily has a free template you can download. I shrunk it to the size I thought would look good on the pillow and cut it out. Then I stenciled it onto the fabric just like she did on her wall. After that I mixed textile medium and white paint and started painting it on. Just follow the directions on the bottle. It’s 2:1 but I don’t remember which part is the 2.

It went on relatively easy. I didn’t even have to do two coats.

One Jackie Chan movie and 2 episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba later and I had finished.

Then I washed the fabric and put them facing each other and sewed along the outside leaving a small gap (but big enough to stick the pillow back through).

Flip it right side in and pin the edge not sewn.

Sew the edge and you’re all finished!

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