How to search Craigslist and a media console

I always have people asking me how I find stuff on craigslist. It’s really popular to use that website here in Phoenix which means there are a TON of posts. I can’t tell you what the absolute best way to do it is, but I can tell you how I do it.

But first and foremost, if you don’t have craigs easy, get it. It is phenomenal. No more clicking on pictures and clicking back. All the pictures are pulled up for you. Go to for instructions.

On to the search… I decided I wanted to built a media console for my t.v. wall that looked a little like this image I saw on pinterest.

Of course, I needed to tweak the design for what I wanted, but the most obvious thing I needed was some sort of salvaged wood. So here’s what I did.
I searched salvage wood in the search bar. There were only about 17 results so I didn’t need to narrow it down. I also didn’t have any luck with that search.
The trick is to use multiple words with multiple spellings. I might be searching for a couch but they might call it a sofa. I call something salvaged and some guy posting it on craigslist calls it “crappy wood”.
So I also searched weathered wood, old wood, reclaimed wood and barn wood. There were a ton of posts with those key words so that’s when narrowing it down helps. I always click on the tab of the area where I live (east valley) and that narrows it down quite a bit. The more you narrow the less overwhelmed you’ll be. If you’re not willing to spend over a certain amount fill out the max price field.
Not really finding what I wanted with those key words, I started thinking of materials that would be sturdy and out in the elements. Think. Think. Think. Light bulb…
Scaffolding is thick, usually has a great driftwood like patina, and cheap. Lucky for me, there was a guy a couple of miles away from me who was getting rid of ten 16′ planks for $30.
And then we built this with them…
I wanted it to be HUGE. And it is. I love that my giant house allows me to design giant furniture to go in it. I bought those locker baskets at the last barn sale so I added a middle shelf to the design. I also knew I wanted to stack suitcases on either side like the inspiration photo so I left those open.

When we were building it we figured out dimensions using my body. What ??? You’ve never done that??? That’s how I do most things seeing as how I can’t ever find a dang measuring tape. I said I wanted it “oh… about to my hip” and “eh… about twice as long as I am tall”. Well, we nailed it.

After it was built, I used furniture wax to seal it. It was my first time using wax and guess what? 
I hated it. It took away some of that grey patina and turned it yellow. Boo. I won’t be using that in the future. Maybe some of you have a trick to using furniture wax… Let me know!

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