Home Tour plans

I will be participating in a virtual home tour the second week in July. That means I am going to be in project mode for the next couple of weeks finishing up rooms and tweaking things. I’m not sure if I’m going to get to blogging so I thought I’d post a preview picture to keep you interested.

My husband built this bench for me out of old scaffolding. I used a stencil I already had from this project to add a little interest. I’m using it as a coffee table between my two white couches. I also painted some letters on my metal side table (in the back ground). 
I’m excited to do a tour of my entire house. It really was the motivation I needed to finish some half-arsed projects that have been laying around. I’ll let you know details as it gets closer. 

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  • Haha…I love your blog and your style. Seriously, I've copied a billion ideas of yours (except the dang globes cuz my friend and I have been searching for over a year and have come up with one measly globe at yard sales/Goodwill). Anyway, next project I plan to steal is your bathroom shelves.

    The point of all of this is this: arsed. My favorite word ever. I've been using like crazy in my quest to stop swearing. LOVED seeing it on your post! And I can't wait to see the tour!

  • I just discovered your blog (thanks to Pinterest!) and love it.
    I realize you're super busy, but would it be possible for you to give a brief tutorial on your painting process for furniture? I'm never sure whether to use a roller or brush, what kind of paint, what kind of stain if wanted (and HOW to!), and what to do for a finish. I google and get more confused! If you could do that I'd love it-if not then I'll accept that as well. 🙂