So here’s the deal. I haven’t blogged since 2015. THREE YEARS AGO. And even those posts were sporadic at best (Woah, flashback to clueless). That being said, I’m adding posts and links and tutorials and all that crazy stuff as I go including back projects. So patience is required on both our ends.

If I’m being honest, I’m doing this in an effort to cut down on answering the same questions over and over again. I love my instagram page but I learned pretty soon that sometimes I didn’t have enough room to explain things and spent a ton of time repeating myself. Now you can just come to my blog! Soon, if you click on “Tour my Home” you will find photos with linked sources (or just info if it’s not available anymore) to most of the products used in my home. Those will be permanently there and client projects, furniture builds, etc will be in individual blog posts. I also have a link at the top where you can purchase my barn door hardware and anything else that I might have for sale as I do that on occasion.

In conclusion, this is really a for you for me thing. You can subscribe on the right side of my blog so you won’t miss a post and I’ll alert you on IG as well if theres a new one. And since I can’t do a blog post without a photo, here is a photo of me using the old booth app. I use it for all of my serious profile photos. It’s juuuust close enough that people can’t quite tell if its fake. It’s my favorite.



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