I have had a love/hate relationship with craigslist, or cracklist as my sister Tara so affectionately calls it, for a while now. Every time I post something for sale, I get all sorts of e-mails like “Is item still sale” and “I’ll send you a cashiers blah blah…”. I hate that part.

But I love looking on it because I can fill my desire to shop without having to drag my four kids under 5 to 20 different thrift stores. And every once in a while the clouds part and I score the most amazing find. Here’s what this particular ad said…


Date: 2010-06-18, 9:34AM
This is a very cool double door set. Very old and very awesome looking. The lady I’m selling these for paid $600 for them but has since redecorated her home and lost the antique theme. Make an offer.

I know you must be thinking the same as me at this point. “Man, I’d love to get my hands on those doors but if that loony bin paid $600 for them, they’re probably out of my price range.”

The same person had some glass knobs listed that I ended up calling him about. I said I also liked his door but couldn’t afford it. He said “How about $20”.

I had to drive for 45 minutes but I was going that way to pick up Tara’s b-day present anyways.

And here they sit until I figure out what to do with them. I may just keep them there. It sure gives the hallway to my kids/laundry room some MUCH needed spunk.

I could have got them for $10. Curses. Just kiddin.

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