Craft Corner

I wanted a craft room but since my house is all filled up with babies, I settled on a craft corner. I do most of my projects in the garage anyways. But for the ones I need to sew or hot glue, I designated a corner of my sons room just for me. I moved the bookcase and put it on the left side of the room.

The “wallpaper” around the top of the room is actually pages from a 1912 atlas I bought at an antique store in Chandler for $10. I used double sided sticky tape to put the up and then attached the chair rail. I bought a board at Home Depot in the cull bin, painted it white and used brackets I bought in the as is section of Ikea to hold it up. I wanted storage for my fabric that kids couldn’t get into and scatter from here to hell. So I got these amazing old locker baskets from my trip to Canton, Tx. to hold all my fabric remnants.

I covered some cork board with more old maps to display pictures and drawings and directions for projects (like I ever use those :). I have no idea what the black storage thing is I used to put little things like thread and pins in. The only real clue was when I got it, it had cow crap and grain in it. It looks like it’s attached to a belt so I’m guessing it was used to scoop up grain and distribute to cattle. I know, I know. Just call me Veronica Mars.

My Mom gave me this cool old chemistry set that she got from my Grandma. My kids have broken all the beakers except one so I decided to use it for my paintbrushes.

It’s not a huge corner but it’s all I need for now. In case you’re wondering, yes I’ve had this room done for a while. And it’s already different again. And I did this post specifically for…

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