Ceiling tin backsplash

I have been wanting to do a ceiling tin backsplash for a while but lacked the motivation. I got the motivation and kept it until… oh… about half way through the project. Which always happens to me. But since I use my kitchen 17 times a day I had to finish in a timely matter.

I got the tin at Lowes and painted it off white. It looked a little too new for my taste so I slapped a little of my favorite stain (provincial) on it and… tada! I still need to add a little trim around the window and touch up a few spots, but this is pretty much it. I saw it on HGTV once and really like how it turned out. And since I have no idea how to tile I thought I’d try this. Nice reasoning, I know.

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  • Um… I'd say a monkey could probably do it. Or a 6 1/2 month pregnant girl, completely by herself. Same thing. ha ha. I cut the tin with tin snips but I think sharp scissors probably would have worked. The most difficult was measuring across and up to where the outlets are and cutting a hole for them. But there's even like an inch around that you could be crazy with. I didn't even use liquid nails like your supposed to so I could take it down easier if I get sick of it. Waterproof caulking and brad nails is what's holding it up.

  • I did get the metallic pieces to finish it. I was thinking about just using pine trim but the pieces were on clearance so I went for it. Either one would work. And I just used behr semi gloss in an off white. It's easiest to wipe off the higher the shine is in your paint. Flat paint would be a pain I think, even with the top coat of stain.

  • This is so pretty! I love the idea & the blog – what a beautiful AND talented family! I have been considering going with something like this also, and I wondered how hard it was to get the paint to stick to the tin? Or if you had considered the vinyl tiles?

  • You did a great job, monkey. Thanks for letting me sit on your chair eating a rice-krispie treat while I watched you try to reach the back of the counter with your tum in the way. Very entertaining.

  • You ladies are doing some wonderful projects over here. I'm glad I came upon you. I'm going to sign up to follow. Please stop by my blog. If you like it or if you see something that inspires you, I would love for you to follow me, as well. Keep up the good work. I think that I will be featuring your mirror on my Boardwalk Blotter:


    I'll let you know when I do, and I always make sure there is a direct link back to your blog for the tutorial.

    Congratulations on a wonderful blog!