So kids have a tendency to talk like their parents. Which is unfortunate for my kids because I make up about half the words I use. So Paysen came in and told me my flower pot was “busticated”. I use it when I pretend to be gangster. But I was sad because I love those potted little tulips. And I used them in a cute little holder I ripped off from Pier 1 back at Fort Rucker that looked like this.

Just to clarify, by “ripped off” I mean I stole the idea. It wasn’t a 5 finger discount or anything. I just drilled some holes in a 1×3 and carved the sides down a little with a knife, cut some more 1×3’s kinda at an angle and hammered them onto the top and painted it cream. With 3 of the pots broken, it looked a little ridiculous. So I just finished breaking them and stuck them in some ball jars with moss I bought from Hobby Lobby.

It adds a little punch of color to my never ending dish washing. And ball jars just plain make me happy.

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