Boys shared room

I was contacted by a client in Phoenix who lives in a beautiful historic home. Although her home doesn’t lack character, it does lack space. It’s so common in older homes to have tiny bedrooms but to me, it’s worth giving up for an interesting home.

Her boys shared this tiny bedroom. The bunk beds and crib had to stay and the rest was at my disposal. Here are a couple before pictures…

I started with a gorgeous rug and floor pouf. I purchased them at “Found” in Mesa. It is by far my favorite store. I could spend hours looking at all the goodies for sale there. Unfortunately, they are only open by appointment. But it’s worth making the appointment and drooling everywhere. And while you’re there, head on over to Sweet Cakes Cafe just down the road for lunch. It is SOOOO delicious. 

The paint color is called “silver screen” from Behr. It’s a nice, light, gray/blue. The next purchases I made were from Jones Design Co. I ordered 3 prints from Emily. I have been reading her blog forever and was excited to be able to incorporate her art into the design. 
The shelves are antique levels. I found one at the flea market a while ago and purchased the other two at the antique mall on Cave Creek road. 

The next project was finding curtain rods. I wanted to add a touch of industrial metal to this side of the room to balance out the awesome storage bins by the rocker. I saw the plumbing pipe rods on pinterest and knew it was exactly what I wanted to use. They were a little pricey at around $50 but good curtain rods are that much anyways.

Here are the storage baskets I was talking about. When designing kids rooms, storage is a must. But when designing a tiny historic home, the least amount of furniture the better. I moved the dresser into the closet and hung these metal bins for books, toys, and diapers.

Take a look at this map! We purchased it off etsy and it adds so much color and interest to the space. Any time I can add antique whimsical pieces to a room, I am on board.

I had so much fun on this room redo. My client was the best and her family was so cute. Her baby even went crazy when we put him in the crib, he was so excited for the change. It reminded me why I love doing this!

Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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