Barn sale

The barn sale is over and it was a HUGE success! We had so many shoppers Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We even had a significant amount of men shopping on Saturday! And not even sitting at the front waiting for the girls to finish! I mean actually walking around looking at all our cool junk.

Here are a few images from the sale…

This is the checkout counter

Here’s my booth. Sadly (well, I’m not too sad about it), I sold the majority of my items the first day so there wasn’t a lot for the next two days. Don’t worry, next barn sale I’ll be prepared and replenish every night for the next day.

Here’s some of the booths that I really liked. I can’t believe how many people were there! It was awesome!

And here’s what I came home with. I’m stoked to move into this new house. I’m trying to go with a more industrial that shabby look. We’ll see how it goes!

My sister Tara from junkrestore is the one who organizes it. If you want to be a vendor or want to join the mailing list to receive information about the next sale, e-mail The next sale will be in June, but at an indoor area because it’s too dang hot in Arizona to have it in the summer!

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  • Hi! This is Jake from Restoration Furniture. I want to let our followers know that in order to make things easier, we brothers have decided to have two seperate websites. Restoration Furniture will be doing summer sales and will try to continue to post items for sale as well as provide custom refinishing for customers. Dusty Gem Decor is based on the same principles as Restoration Furniture. They too will post items for sale and offer refinishing for customers. PS I have your mantle built I just need to know how you want it finished.