All white bedding

My husband and I need a new mattress. So I’m doing all the necessary research to buy a bed and my bedding for the master bedroom. If you’ve read any of my previous postings, you know I want all white bedding. Here’s my predicament…

I heard that a lot of king sized bedding you get runs a little smaller. And I like my bedding big. Like if my husband rolls himself into a giant burrito in the night, I’m still covered, BIG. I usually buy the next size up from whatever bed I have, so for a twin, I buy a full, etc. Well, what’s one up from a king? And if most bedding is shorter, I know it won’t be what I’m dreaming of. Which is this image (from Pottery Barn)…

And a whole lot of this (from apartment therapy)…

And can any of you guess how much bedding like this would cost me if I just bought it from Pottery Barn? $624.00 not including shipping.

Being the cheap-o that I am, I’ve decided to buy inexpensive bedding from Ikea and add the ruffle detail to make it my kind of romantic. To make my ruffled duvet and 2 king shams, I’m looking at spending a grand total of $28.00. And that’s even the nice, 310 thread count sheets. I haven’t priced out a quilt in any of my usual discounted places but I’m hoping to find a king sized one at Homegoods that I like for under $40. So total I would probably still come in under $100.00 The only problem is making it out of the king sheets won’t allow for that nice big overhang on a king sized bed.

So I’m considering buying a queen sized bed. Is that stupid? To get a smaller bed for the sole purpose of making the bedding look amazing? I just feel like this fluffy goodness would be so much easier to achieve with a smaller bed. Plus, finding bedding for a queen is so much easier, cheaper, and it allows me to snuggle a little more with the hubs.

What would you do? Splurge and get the pottery barn bedding and king bed, or go with the queen and make your own bedding?

Also, do any of you have all white bedding? If so, I would LOVE to see it in real life instead of “glamor shot” catalogs. E-mail me at and I’ll spread your love!

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  • We have a queen and that's with me being 5'8" and Cody over 6'1". I'd say the size up from king would be a california king but hello expensive! I don't think going with a queen to get amazing comfiness out of the bedding is dumb but that's just me.

  • I have a king size bed and my king size (Ralph Lauren) comforter does NOT cover the sides! It drives me CRAZY! I can't wait to see what you do because I have no idea….. 🙁

  • Hi! I've been looking around your blog for a little while now, but I don't think I've commented before. 🙂
    I say, California King allll the way! (for bedding) It might be harder to find and pricey, but I have a feeling you'll miss having a king sized bed! I would love to have one, but we move around a lot (military family) so it's easier to stay with a queen so all our bedroom things fit into whatever size the room is. Someday though, someday!

  • My husband refused to get a king size bed because he said he would never see me again! 😉
    We've been pretty content with a queen size…but then we spent the first 10 years of marriage in a full size, so I guess it's all relative.

  • I'm not sure about the size issue, but I too am a fan of all white bedding and have had it on my bed for years, in different variations. Currently I have a beautiful matelasse from TJ Maxx (maybe $60) that I've had for years… on top I have the Simply Shabby Chic ruffle duvet cover and shams from Target (maybe $100 for a King?) and then some vintage European white cutwork/hemstitched Euro shams from the flea market. I love it. Have you checked out the Shabby Chic line at Target? I think you would really like it, not as cheap as making it yourself, but she has some really nice bedding. Love your blog by the way. 🙂


  • im kind of in the same boat. we need a new bed and i want a king but i love the bigger top sheet, blankets, comforters and duvets.
    what we have now is a queen on 2 box springs and each box has a pleated white dust ruffle. it looks flowy and romantic and i love having my bed higher up. but because it is higher up the queen size quilt that a family member made for me doesnt come down far enough. the down blanket is a king that i put in sideways so it tucks deep on all sides. i could put a coverlet under the quilt.. who knows. but after reading your situation i think i will stick to queen. i love bedding and a lot of it. and king is more expensive and limited choices.

    thanks for walking me through it! lol. i dont know if it helped you buy it helped me!

  • If what interests you the most is the actual sleeping part, then getting a smaller mattress won't really help. The blankets are the same size. If what you are interested in is the bed looking good, then I see your point.

  • I have all white bedding and three kids. I literally have to wash my duvet every three days because everything ends up on it. I seriously would not recommend it for any normal family. Sorry to be a downer but its a huge mistake I'm planning to change soon!

  • I forgot to add that to get a pretty fluffy looking bed put a king comforter on a queen sideways. Then layer another queen in the right direction. Works every time.

  • I was looking at the duvet on the pottery barn picture and it has that little ruffle around the edges, if you make the king size duvet with a bit thicker of a ruffle it can add size. I'm with you on the bigger bedding. Tom and I have a queen size and I always buy king size bedding.

  • I have a Cal King and my King size bedding covers it. I may have gotten lucky though since it has scalapes in it. I would say find Cal King bedding and stick with your King bed. I'd stab myself in the eye before I went back to a Queend bed!

  • It was years ago but I bought a duvet from Ikea, white and regretted it for two reason… 1. was that Ikea's bedding is/was a different size than normal bedding you would buy. It was shorter, like way shorter(at the foot board or head board). When I called and asked it I was crazy they explained that it was a bit smaller than normal because they design it not to hang over but to go with a Ikea bed frame. 2. It got everything on it, granted my kids were little but I was always finding dirt, food and even blood from scabs my kid would pick. So good luck with that. I figured I'll just wait till their all gone before I get nice stuff. Cheers!

  • I had trouble getting our white bedding to look fluffy enough too, even on a queen. If you look at the pottery barn picture it seems impossible that just one comforter could be that thick. I tried putting two comforters on top of one another, which helps some, but I've also found a down comforter with a higher warmth rating helps up the fluffyness. Also maybe you could get a plain white cal king duvet and stuff it with two down comforters? (I say cal king because two comforters would take away from the length even more with just a king duvet I'd imagine). Sadly I've given up on the all white bed until we can afford to buy higher quality linens to make it look fluffy enough (I have had the simply shabby chic ruffled duvet and a plain target duvet and they both looked too flat). Personally I wouldn't go back to a queen bed, but only because I can't wait until we can upgrade to a king!